Catching Up…

I can’t believe that it has been six weeks since the marathon! The race went well and I’m glad it’s done. I actually took 30 minutes off my previous time. My DH ran with me the whole time (he’s a sweetie) and he has already decided that we will do another next fall. I can’t say that was my plan, but we will see…So, life goes on and I feel like I’ve been out of the loop. Taking a break from all the running let me read, cook, and sleep later on Saturday mornings. Then, November came and I got involved in NaNoWriMo (if you want to write a novel, check it out I will not complete my novel this month but I learned a lot during this month, including how to refrain from throuwing my laptop when it lost 10 pages of single-spaced text! We both survived.

Looking forward to next year, I have to get back to running. Somehow, every year I fall off my schedule in November and December and feel like I’m starting over again in January. Don’t want that this year. I had set a goal to cover 750 miles this year and it is still possible. I believe a lot of my success with running this year is from the Herbalife 24 products I’ve been using. As an athlete I do try to fuel my body well and this stuff rocks! Well, I hope that you had lots to be thankful for last week, I sure did. Now, just hoping that it doesn’t snow anytime soon!