Adding activity to your life

I have been involved with Herbalife International for three years and have so pleased with my results that I recently added the products in my practice. I have been using the shakes for healthy (and great tasting) quick breakfasts. Last year, Herbalife introduced a new line of products (H24) for athletes, recreational as well as serious/professional. and I used them in my marathon last fall with great results. Check out my site at for more info.

This year FitClubs have become all the rage. These are casual activities with open invitations to anyone (families welcome) who wants to join in. We’ve had free Zumba classes, walks and bike rides in various parks, and some soccer and baseball games. For the next two weekends, I will be leading some interested folks in a walk/run workout for 30-40 minutes. These gatherings are meant to help encourage people to lead healthy, active lifestyles. So, if you happen to see a flyer or get an invite, join in – it will be a blast!

Our greatest wealth is our health.



Off my routine

It happens to all of us. Our schedules get out-of-sync and before you can blink, you’ve missed a week of working out. Maybe it’s because you are on vacation. Or you’ve come down with the flu. Sometimes it’s an injury. But, usually, it’s because the honeymoon is over. The excitement you felt for a new activity has waned a bit. Considering how hot this summer has been, the weather certainly has had an effect on many outdoor activities.

I spent most of the past week caring for my DH after he had some problems due to hypertension. Sitting up all night in the hospital is not good for one’s body but it had to be done. He is doing just fine now, but I have not returned to my routine yet. I did manage to get in a good 5 mile run last Saturday morning (it felt great to be outdoors) but had to be flexible with the rest of my time. We did take a few walks this week and I made it to Zumba last night. A little yoga and some weights rounded out the week.

While most people would be happy with what I did this week, I know it falls short of my training schedule. But, these things happen. I am not going to worry about trying ‘to make it up’. That is a sure way to get injured, been there, done that. I will total up the miles I completed and focus on making next week better. So, what would I suggest when life gets in the way? Here are some easy tips to keep moving, even a little…

1. Take some extra time and stretch before you get out of bed.
2. Walk as much as you can, including the stairs.
3. Use the internet for quickie routines from various instructors
4. Get out in the fresh air, and breathe deep
5. Don’t worry about it, count it as a rest day.

My own race!

For the 4th of July, my husband and I ran our own little 4 miler. Since he is way faster than me it wasn’t really a race. We were pleasantly surprised at how many other crazy people were out running and walking in the hot and humid weather at our favorite park. He even made a little race bib for himself “007”. I made medals for us. (Hopefully I can add pictures later).

It was pretty miserable out but we had agreed to no whining. We got our 4 miles in, the time was slow but we finished smiling! With high fives, and the last bit of water, we treated ourselves to Bomb pops and chocolate cupcakes afterwards. It was a great way to start our celebration, and will probably be a new tradition for us.

Sport as a way of life

Over the past several years, I have learned to love my running life. My childhood did not include any encouragement to participate in sports. Those kinds of activities were for my two younger brothers. I was the bookworm, always reading and daydreaming. Well, now it’s my turn! It has taken me awhile to be able to consider myself a ‘real’ runner since I am not fast. But I have learned that it is not about the speed, but believing in yourself enough to choose and follow through.

In recent years, I have seen surprising benefits from running that I never really expected. Sure, I would lose some weight and get to travel a bit. I was blown away by how competitive I am (with myself, remember, I am not fast) and how much I crave that adrenaline rush and the calm afterwards. It is addictive, in a good way because I can say that it adds to my life, rather than take away. So, I have decided to change this blog to fit my life and interests in being an active woman, who just happens to be middle-aged and slimming down!

This summer, my husband and I are training for two half-marathons in the fall. Despite the heat, we will keep going. Afterall, we did a full last year and the summer training was truly miserable. What helped us the most was our running group. We kept each other focused, laughing, and encouraged.It wasn’t a matter of misery loving company. We can say honestly say that each difficult step with friends was less painful over time. And this year will be even better!

“Always do your best. Never quit. And have fun.”

July 2nd – I’m grateful for: Massages by my hubby, iced tea, fresh tomatoes