Did too much?!?

Well, I had been booking along with my exercise plans, adding in a few different classes over the last month, just to keep things interesting. My running was great, mileage was up since we’ve had a fairly mild winter so far. Monday morning I got up extra early for a Spin class I had been considering (6am start). Well, that particular morning, there was a sub and I was the only participant. While the idea of a private Spin class was appealing at the start, it wore off. There were no breaks, couldn’t hide in the back and sit down for a sec, and so on. As a result, later that day I noticed my left knee stiffening up. By that night it was sore and swollen.

Being the stubborn person that I am, I was up early again on Tuesday (after all, I had set a goal for the week) to run. Despite the knee I cranked out 3.2 miles and felt great. However, my the time I got home, I could not bend me leg and had to ice it before getting upstairs. UGGGHHH!!! Needless to say, I skipped that night’s Zumba class. I hate being injured, especially when I do it to myself. So, I’ve been doing more yoga and upper body weights stuff. I’ve definitely been a cry baby about this, knowing that I’ve probably set back my training a good week. Live and learn…I hope. How do you handle injuries? Does it bum you out when you can’t get your workout in? Send me some tips to read while I ice this week.