Marathon Day is almost here!

I cannot believe that in just three more days, I’ll be trudging along the marathon route! After the hottest summer I can recall for sometime to the sudden cool fall temps and colors, time is flying by. I am excited, nervous, and eager to get it done.

For the past two weeks, we have been in ‘taper’ mode – shorter runs and a big decrease in cross-training activities. I find this pretty difficult because I really like my routine and if I don’t workout, I don’t relax as well.

To help occupy my mind, I read “The Accidental Athlete” by John Bingham (also known as ‘The Penguin’). This book truly describes me because I never had the goal of becoming ‘an athlete’. I just wanted to be as fit and healthy as possible. I now realize that I have become an athlete – WOW! I get excited thinking about planning next year’s races. I’m looking at traveling to special locals, and I pack my running gear even on weekend trips. When did this happen/ I really can’t say but I’m liking it. 🙂 Check back for a race report next week!