Tired of winter….

For practically everyone living in the eastern half of the nation, we are tired of the snow and ice! This winter has been so strange, with the back-to-back storms, below zero temps, and the ice! Ice is everywhere and just won’t melt! This has put a major dent in my planned running mileage. I have run outdoors twice this year, for a total of 6 miles! While I don’t love the treadmill, I have dragged myself to the gym several times this month, but it is just not the same. I long to feel the wind in my face and wear my cool running sunglasses ! 🙂

I am a runner who needs to be outside. Since I use the Galloway method (Run-Walk-Run), it is much more pleasant to do R/W/R outside but I have been trying to play with my intervals on the treadmill. I picked up Jeff Galloway’s newest book from the library last week and decided to adjust my interval time from 3 minutes run/ 1 minute walk to 2/1. The change is supposed to help me improve my cadence and speed, along with minimizing injuries. I’ve been having some problems with my left knee, likely arthritis (I am in my late 50s), so I’m willing to try this to keep on running. I was surprised when I ran on the treadmill and actually covered more distance than expected.

Anyway, I am trying to include new ideas for cross training. The H24 Fit Club we have has been great fun and really works my other muscle groups. Just trying to stay busy til the ice melts….c’mon spring!