New Year, New Me!

I am determined this year to improve in my running. While I don’t mind not winning any races, I would like to run a little faster. If I can go faster, then I may have the nerve to take on a third full marathon. Now, I’m not saying that I would do a third, I would consider it. After all, my favorite distance is the half-marathon – 13.1 miles allows you to train and still enjoy the weekends. And, I must remember that I have a pretty full life between work, writing, church, and oh yeah, family!  I have a grand-daughter now and she loves to run! I cannot wait til spring comes and I can take her to the park to do a couple of miles! 🙂 She has so much energy.

So, my plan to improve my running this year includes the following:

  1. Stick to my Herbalife nutrition. It’s amazing how much muscle I’ve lost over the past two years by not eating enough protein.
  2. Try some new things for cross training. I recently ordered PiYo and am loving it!
  3. No skipping runs because of the weather. I do have access to treadmills at the gym which is maybe a half mile from home.
  4. Treat myself with massages and use Hot Box Detox for stress management.