Needed a break

The Nationwide Columbus Marathon was held this past Sunday. It was a beautiful day – cool, sunny, and dry. The colors of the trees made you appreciate being in the Midwest afterall. And, I was not running it for the first time in six years.

I knew months ago that I would not be registering for this race. Actually, I had planned to do a different race that fell on the same weekend but life does get in the way. So much for the ‘best laid plans’ philosophy. Anyway, I made a big sign and my husband and I cheered on the runners and walkers from the 10 mile mark. It was great to see our running mates – they looked happy, strong, and confident! I was very glad that we could provide some sideline cheer for them but it felt definitely strange not being on the road with them.

A few weeks ago, my schedule became so complicated that I was having trouble just fitting in a couple of short runs during the week. Last week was no better and I ended up not running at all. I hated marking a big zero in my journal for the mileage that week and seeing that my plans for a staged marathon would not happen. I am sure that my husband could read the disappointment on my face. Later on Sunday, I decided to take a yoga class to just relax. While there, it occurred to me that I was just burned out, trying to juggle so many things. Despite how much I love to run, I believe that I do need to take a break from it occasionally. So that is how I am choosing to regard last week.

It’s hard not getting in a fall race because I do love getting my medals but being part of the running community does offer so much more. That is what I got to experience by supporting my friends on Sunday. And, their smiles kept me through my 3 miler early this morning!


Check Out My Book

This past weekend, our church allowed authors and artists in the congregation to display and sell their works. I am very pleased that I was better prepared than last year (my books did not arrive on time) and as a result, felt so much calmer. It was great talking to everyone who stopped by and getting “congratulations!” from those who did not know that I am a writer. It is so encouraging when others offer appreciation for what you do and that is just one of the things that I love most about my church – the support and thankfulness for each others’ contributions. Anyway, if you are interested in checking out my book – it’s a Bible study journal for children, here is the link Bible Basics for Kids