Adding activity to your life

I have been involved with Herbalife International for three years and have so pleased with my results that I recently added the products in my practice. I have been using the shakes for healthy (and great tasting) quick breakfasts. Last year, Herbalife introduced a new line of products (H24) for athletes, recreational as well as serious/professional. and I used them in my marathon last fall with great results. Check out my site at for more info.

This year FitClubs have become all the rage. These are casual activities with open invitations to anyone (families welcome) who wants to join in. We’ve had free Zumba classes, walks and bike rides in various parks, and some soccer and baseball games. For the next two weekends, I will be leading some interested folks in a walk/run workout for 30-40 minutes. These gatherings are meant to help encourage people to lead healthy, active lifestyles. So, if you happen to see a flyer or get an invite, join in – it will be a blast!

Our greatest wealth is our health.


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