Sport as a way of life

Over the past several years, I have learned to love my running life. My childhood did not include any encouragement to participate in sports. Those kinds of activities were for my two younger brothers. I was the bookworm, always reading and daydreaming. Well, now it’s my turn! It has taken me awhile to be able to consider myself a ‘real’ runner since I am not fast. But I have learned that it is not about the speed, but believing in yourself enough to choose and follow through.

In recent years, I have seen surprising benefits from running that I never really expected. Sure, I would lose some weight and get to travel a bit. I was blown away by how competitive I am (with myself, remember, I am not fast) and how much I crave that adrenaline rush and the calm afterwards. It is addictive, in a good way because I can say that it adds to my life, rather than take away. So, I have decided to change this blog to fit my life and interests in being an active woman, who just happens to be middle-aged and slimming down!

This summer, my husband and I are training for two half-marathons in the fall. Despite the heat, we will keep going. Afterall, we did a full last year and the summer training was truly miserable. What helped us the most was our running group. We kept each other focused, laughing, and encouraged.It wasn’t a matter of misery loving company. We can say honestly say that each difficult step with friends was less painful over time. And this year will be even better!

“Always do your best. Never quit. And have fun.”

July 2nd – I’m grateful for: Massages by my hubby, iced tea, fresh tomatoes


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