10 things I love about summer!

Summer has arrived and it is my favorite time of year! Even though it seems that we only have three seasons here in the midwest (icy winter, wet spring, super hot summer), this week has had the best weather so far. I enjoy the laid-back feel even though I still have to work. So, here are my favorite things about summer:

1. Free vitamin D – during my long runs I’m sure I get enough for the rest of the week.

2. Farmer’s market time. I discovered this last year and love to shop for really fresh fruits and veggies and try new recipes.

3. Wearing white – it just feels lighter and fresher, but I must be very careful at Starbucks :-).

4. Flowers in bloom.

5. Planting my own little garden. I do container gardening, just some tomatoes, peppers, and herbs.

6. Lighter eating, simpler meals.

7. Waking up with the sun. Gets me before the alarm goes off.

8. Sitting outside to read and pray in the quiet of the morning.

9. No school bus traffic.

10.  Amusement parks – I love roller coasters!

So, what do you like about these warm, sunny , sometimes stormy months? Share your favorite activities.

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